Pizaa at Sizzle Pie with aliciawatkinson


So excited about this camera! Last night I shot my first roll on the hasselblad. Here ls a Polaroid that we used to test the exposure. 
 Modeling, Polaroid film, and dinner provided by: @gilganizer

Sara K. in 3 Parts

Gail S.

Gail S.

Ramona Falls, Oregon

4th of July

lukeandmallory asked: What are you doing right now? -anonymous -Luke

Eating ice cream and packing for camping. Crap. I got ice cream on my phone.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been 'Wild at Heart'?

I’m more about “Captivating.”

I love unlocking secrets to the souls of genders.

Anonymous asked: What constitutes a 'condiment'? Why hasn't Nutella or Patience or iPhones been added into the lineup?

I thought you said “condom” and all I could think was, “Well, bro. You could try all those things… But I honestly don’t even know how that would turn out.”



Tessa O.

Limp Bizkit

Camping with Kevin

Nemiah Valley, BC, Canada

Pentax K1000