Anonymous asked: How did you get into photography and exploring beautiful scenery? Were they your dreams as a child?

My dreams as a child usually involved dinosaurs and not being able to run away. Also why did it always feel like I was punching through water!?

But I’ve always played with cameras for as long as I remembered. I got into photography specifically after doing a lot of stop motion animations and realizing I liked the still picture aspect of it the most. As for beautiful scenery, I grew up in Oregon. It’s my life.

arelliott asked: Hey Kevin, your pictures rock. I'm curious what your digital post process looks like... Thanks! )

Lightroom. I use lightroom. I’ve made a ton of little presets over the years and just tweaked them as needed for the photos! I wish I were better at it…

sirenis-vacui asked: I love your photography. The lighting is perfect and so are your angles and what not. Damn, you're good at what you do.

Well… There is always room for improvment. And none of my photos are ever “perfect”!!!

I love ice cream. It’s brrrrrfect.

subject-to-criticism asked: Excellent portrait work. What's your lens/body of choice?

Thank you. Excellent profile picture. What lens/body do you have?

I have a 5D MkII and 24mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2 and 85mm 1.2. I Also have an iPhone that I use the most. And then I have a few 35mm film cameras. And disposable ones. And polaroids and instax. At one point, I made a pinhole camera.  

Anonymous asked: What brand of sandals does your friend have on in the "Camping at Mt. Rainer" set? I LOVE them!

I believe they are the most legendary of German footwear: Birkenstocks. That or they’re just from Targét.

Little Big Burger, Portland, OR

Camping at Mt. Rainer // June 2014

Big Sur Area, California

Pizaa at Sizzle Pie with aliciawatkinson


So excited about this camera! Last night I shot my first roll on the hasselblad. Here ls a Polaroid that we used to test the exposure. 
 Modeling, Polaroid film, and dinner provided by: @gilganizer

Sara K. in 3 Parts

Gail S.

Gail S.

Ramona Falls, Oregon

4th of July