Anonymous asked: Love your photographs! Do you have flickr?

Yes. But I haven’t used it in like 2 years… So let’s say no…

Gail S. 

Gail S.

Anonymous asked: Love your work, it's super good! What lenses do you use?

I have a 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm

I started a blog of short stories…

Here’s a link to a blog of short stories I’m writing. It’s silly…

Anonymous asked: sometimes i just think of how awful it would be to be locked in a giant wax museum for a whole night, except every wax figure is Nicolas Cage, and then one of them is the real Nicolas Cage but you don’t know which one. thoughts like this keep me up at night.

Sometimes I think about memories and how we forget some things entirely, remember others so vividly and then the rest are just fragments pieced together. But if we can construct and more or less edit our memories to tell the story that we want to hear, then what does that say about the actual experience? Did it actually happen in any one certain way? Probably. But then again, I don’t rememeber passing out and peeing my pants in the 1st grade, and throughout school no one ever brought it up to me. My mom told me when I was like a Senior in High School… And that weirds me out. Why did I not get labeled as “The Kid Who Wet Himself While Sliding Down the Slide?” (Ok… So obviously I didn’t get labeled that because it’s not clever or short… But you understand the point, right? I don’t.) And that’s why I can’t sleep at night sometimes. 

Evan at Trillium Lake, Oregon
Pentax K1000
Kodak T-Max 100

Glacier National Park 2014

Pentax K1000

Kodak Tri-X 400

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aj-riedeman asked: all your photos are amazing, dude

Thanks man! I used a camera!

Chris at Upper Latourelle Falls

Dark Horse

Clark County Fair 2014

Gavyn’s (fake) first day of school

Playing with chalk.

My favorite place.

East Wind Drive-In, Cascade Locks, Oregon